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As we are currently upgrading our offers and updating our website, you will not be able to subscribe from 26th September until 2nd October. Please visit our “subscribe” page for further information.

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850+ public charge points

There will be a phased increase of the number of charge points across London on the street as well as in off-street parking lots such as super markets and public car parks.

See the full map for more details

What is Source London ?

The only London wide network of electric vehicle charge points

Source London is a London-wide electric vehicle charge point network. The network was started by Boris Johnson and TfL and is key to delivering the Mayor Johnson’s vision of increasing the uptake and usage of electric vehicles in London.
The network was taken over by the Bolloré Group in 2014. The group was awarded the management of this network thanks to its extensive experience in rolling out the world’s largest charge point networks across the globe.

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Easy, Convenient, Economical & Green

Subscribe, charge, drive ... 24/7 You'll be surprised by Source London !

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    No congestion charge

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    No direct CO2 emissions
    noise pollution or odor

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And it's as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Reserve

    Reserve a charge point on our website or mobile apps (Available this summer)

  2. Charge

    charge your electric vehicle on one of the 850+ charge points.

  3. Drive

    once your car is sufficiently charged, unplug it and drive off to your destination.

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You'll be surprised by Source London!




  • Free extension of your current subscription*

  • Charge at ANY Source London point across the city(subject to vehicle compatibility and parking charges may apply)

  • One card to access any charge point on the scheme

You’re driving within central London? You don’t have to pay the Congestion Charge either

*new members pay £5 for membership until 31/12/16 and existing members get a free extension of their membership until 31/12/16
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You've got an electric car, motorbike or scooter?

All EVs licensed for use on the road by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are able to use the Source London charge point network. This includes commercial vehicles vans and scooters. Check out a list of cars, vans, trucks, quadricycles, scooters and motorcycles that are available on the market, or soon to market*.

Vehicles list

*Subject to vehicle compatibility.

Newsletter April 2016

Monday May 09

Dear Source London Member, We are delighted to have exclusive contributions from the London Mayoral candidates in the run up to the election on 5th May. The next Mayor will have a pivotal role to play in the uptake of electric vehicles in London and we look forward to working closely with them to achieve this.

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