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Source London is London’s leading citywide network which allows you to charge your electric vehicle using any of our 1700+ charge points with guaranteed EV-dedicated bays accessible 24/7 and with no additional parking fees for on-street charge points, even in Central London. Source London covers the Greater London area within the M25. Our service has expanded to 24 London boroughs, making it London’s leading EV charging network. The vast majority of our charge points are located on-street in order to simplify customer access and can be accessed immediately via Pay As You Go, or with our subscriptions to benefit from preferential pricing.


Source London was purchased from TFL in 2014, with significant investments in the installation of new charge points and strengthening the infrastructure, and with the goal of supporting cleaner air and more sustainable mobility. While working hard to improve the reliability of the network, Source London strives to expand its presence across the city to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in London. In May 2019, we celebrated the activation of our 1000th charge point in London. By the end of October that same year, we were celebrating having passed one million charging hours delivered. Today, over 1700 charge points are now available across 24 of the London boroughs. With the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles rushing in in less than a decade, we continue to work towards the same goal: supporting the EV revolution.


By working with roaming partners, Source London offers access to its extensive network to an even larger number of EV drivers. You can access the Source London network via: • Allstar • DCS To benefit from our lowest rates, subscribe to one of our membership plans.


Working directly with London boroughs enables us to secure the best possible charging locations citywide, at no cost to the borough itself. Our collaborations facilitate open discussion between Source London and the boroughs, elected representatives, residents, and companies we serve throughout the city. 100% of the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance of the charge points on our network is covered by Source London. Each Source London charge point generates revenue for the borough in which it is installed, essentially eliminating the burden of risk, ownership, and upkeep for boroughs in order to directly benefit residents.



Source London

An expanding network of charge points in London