Sustainable fleets: is it finally time to dive right in?

The ongoing concerns over the dangers of air pollution and the pressure for companies to cut their carbon footprint has sparked businesses’ interest in introducing eco-friendly vehicles to their fleets. The switch from gas-guzzling company vehicles to zero-emission electric fleets is a forward-looking, strategic move which allows for long-term cost reduction and largely benefits the company’s green credentials.


Generally speaking, the upfront cost of electric vehicles is higher than the equivalent ICE car. However, the only fair way to compare the cost of ICE and EV cars is comparing life costs. The substantial savings in terms of maintenance and fuel over the whole life of an electric vehicle make up for the initial investment. The running cost of electric vehicle is significantly lower than that of internal combustion engine cars. Companies switching to electric are able to claim discounts or exemptions from certain tax obligations, such as the company car tax, VED, ECAs, Congestion Charge and more.

Not to mention the reduced maintenance needs and the relief from fuel supply inconsistencies and price surges.

Company values & branding:

Now more than ever, it is vital for successful businesses to have a solid corporate culture and a definite set of values to carry on and be represented by. Eco-friendliness is an important principle and a shared goal among several companies. Embracing the roll-out of electric vehicles will help companies reduce their carbon footprint, while also being a concrete manifestation of a company’s green efforts.


Drivers new to the world of electric vehicles might need a little time to get used to the idea of charging their vehicles instead of refueling at a petrol station. It may require some planning and research at first and a process of familiarisation with the different charging networks, speeds and timings. Battery capacity, charging times and electric charge point compatibility will also need to be considered when deciding what electric vehicle to purchase.

Thanks to the Work Charging Scheme, employers who are looking to purchase an electric vehicle charging station within the working premises may be eligible for a contribution of up to £500.

With regards to on-street charging, if your company is based in -or works in and out of- the capital, you might have heard of Source London, the largest London-wide network of EV charging points. Source London is a rapidly-growing network of over 1200 charge points across the city, which have delivered over 1 million charging hours. It is made up of a mix of 7kW and 22kW charge points, with plans to roll out rapid chargers in the near future. The Source London model offers customers the possibility to reserve their charging bay up to 40 minutes in advance. The network maintains a reliability rate of +98% and a 24/7 Customer Service hotline to answer all questions.

Source London is open to both individual and corporate memberships, working with electric car sharing companies, electric delivery vans for major retailers and many more businesses who decided to incorporate green vehicles in their fleets.

Visit our website to learn about the service and about our rates.

Speak to our dedicated team about your fleet’s specific details and needs.

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