Find the closest Source London station next to your local NHS hospital

To help you charge your vehicle during these challenging times, please find below all Source London stations within walking distance of London’s NHS hospitals:

Charing Cross Hospital:

  • Opposite 9 Winslow Road, W6 9SF Hammersmith and Fulham;
  • 1 Manbre Road, W6 9WA Hammersmith and Fulham;
  • 80 Rainville Road, W6 9HS Hammersmith and Fulham;
  • Opposite 56 Everington street, SW6 7PL Hammersmith and Fulham;

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital:

  • 15 Gertrude Street, SW10 0JN Kensington and Chelsea;
  • 476 Kings Road Kensington and Chelsea, SW10 0LF Kensington and Chelsea;
  • 36 Hollywood Road, SW10 9LG Kensington and Chelsea;

Dulwich Community Hospital:

  • 13 East Dulwich Grove, SE22 8EW Southwark;
  • 15 Townley Rd, SE22 8SR Southwark;

Great Ormond Street Hospital:

  • 21 Bernard Street, WC1N 1LN Camden;
  • 26 Red Lion Square, East of Old North Street, WC1R 4HQ Camden;
  • 29 Doughty Street, WC1N 2AA Camden;
  • 1 John Street, Junction with Theobalds Road, WC1X 8PF Camden;
  • 9 Herbrand Street, WC1N 1LB Camden;

Guy's Hospital:

  • 3 Copperfield St, SE1 0EP Southwark;

Hammersmith Hospital:

  • 154A Du Cane Road, W12 0TX Hammersmith and Fulham;
  • Pankhurst House, Du Cane Road, W12 0UH Hammersmith and Fulham;

Homerton Hospital:

  • 48 Blurton Road, E5 0NH Hackney;

Kings College Hospital:

  • 119 Camberwell Grove, SE5 8JH Southwark;

Lewisham Hospital:

  • 12 Clipper Way, SE13 6NA Lewisham;

Maudsley Hospital:

  • 119 Camberwell Grove, SE5 8JH Southwark;

Northwick Park Hospital:

  • 103 Windermere Avenue, HA9 8RB Brent;

Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital:

  • 154A Du Cane Road, W12 0TX Hammersmith and Fulham;
  • Pankhurst House, Du Cane Road, W12 0UH Hammersmith and Fulham;

Royal Brompton Hospital:

  • 73 Sydney Street, SW3 6NP Kensington and Chelsea;

Royal Free Hospital:

  • Opposite 2 Ornan Road, NW3 4PU Camden;
  • 69 Fleet Road, NW3 2QX Camden;
  • 71 South End Road, Junction with Keats Road, NW3 2RL Camden;
  • 55 Shepherds Walk, NW3 5UH Camden;
  • 143 Haverstock Hill Road, NW3 2AT Camden;

Royal London Hospital:

  • 65 Turner Street, E1 2AB Tower Hamlets;
  • 29 Mile End Road, E1 4FA Tower Hamlets;

Springfield University Hospital:

  • 2 Open view, SW18 3PF Wandsworth;
  • 19 Brodrick Road, SW17 7DX Wandsworth;

St Bartholomew Hospital:

  • 77 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6EL Islington;
  • 29 Saint John Street (site1), EC1M 4AA Islington;

St Leonard Hospital:

  • 27 New North Road, N1 6JA Hackney;
  • 245 Haggerston Road, E8 4HT Hackney;

St Mary Hospital:

  • Sussex Place with Clifton Place junction, W2 2SQ Westminster;

St Pancras Hospital:

  • 105 Camley Street, N1C 4BN Camden;

St Thomas Hospital:

  • 56 Webber Row, SE1 8QP Southwark;

The Gordon Hospital:

  • 84 Lupus Street, SW1V 4NA Westminster;

The Royal Marsden Hospital:

  • 73 Sydney Street, SW3 6NP Kensington and Chelsea;

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust:

  • Opposite 5 Fitzjohns Avenue, NW3 5NA Camden;
  • 7 Daleham Gardens, NW3 5BY Camden;
  • 71 Eton Avenue, NW3 3EU Camden;
  • 2 Goldhurst Terrace, NW6 3HD Camden;
  • Opposite 35 Lancaster Grove, NW3 4EX Camden;

University College Hospital:

  • 34 Warren Street, W1T 5NH Camden;
  • 6 Malet Street, WC1E 7HY Camden;

West Middlesex University Hospital:

  • 80 St Johns Road Isleworth, TW7 6RU Hounslow;

West Valley Hospital:

  • 1 Tavistock Road, CR0 2AS Croydon;

Western Eye Hospital:

  • 33 Bryanston Square, W1H 2DX Westminster;

Whittington Hospital:

  • 65 Swains Lane, N6 6HA Camden ;
  • 60 Dartmouth Park Avenue, NW5 1JN Camden;
  • 2 Bisham Gardens, N6 6DD Camden;

Wolfson House East London NHS Foundation Trust:

  • 169 Queen's Drive, N4 2AP Hackney;

If the hospital you work in isn’t included in the list, there still may be a Source London station nearby. You can consult our live station map here.

Please note that NHS staff and Met Police are eligible to receive free access to the Source London network to support their tireless work during the outbreak. If you'd like to apply or have any questions, please send an email to

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