How we're staying safe

It’s a challenging and unprecedented time all of us are experiencing. As the UK is in lockdown, we want to encourage all our customers to stay home unless absolutely necessary, even if you’re able to use your own vehicle.

We recognise that our network can play an important role for essential workers commuting to work, and for those who use their vehicles for their food shopping or other urgent needs. This is why Source London plans to remain operational and to maintain its high rate of reliability. We have implemented some necessary measures to make sure our work is done in the safest way possible, both for our own employees’ sake, and for everyone else’s.

While most of Source London employees are able to work from the safety of their homes and follow lockdown rules, our Operations and Maintenance team needs to be on the road making sure that our network stay fully operational and reliable for those who need it the most.

In order to minimise the risks as much as possible, we have paused new planned installation for the time being. Our engineers visit the charge points using private vehicles, and those who used to work in teams now work alone. When maintaining the charge points, our employees use disposable gloves and alcohol-based disinfectant spray to wipe the charge point before and after each visit, and we are providing them with hand sanitiser gel for their personal use.

We’d like to thank our maintenance team for the effort they continue to put into their work during these challenging times. They are essential to the functioning of our network, and we are proud of the diligence with which they are applying our safety measures.

Our hearts go to all who are suffering from the outbreak and we sincerely hope all Source London customers stay safe and well..

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