We have recently celebrated the installation of our 1000th charge point in London.

We are extremely proud to have reached this milestone, as we believe a vast and robust charging infrastructure is essential to encourage Londoners to switch to Electric Vehicles and therefore to bring cleaner air to the capital.

In light of the London Mayor’s new measures to tackle air pollution like the introduction of the ULEZ, it is more important than ever to provide the public with the means to take on a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle.  

Operating the city’s largest EV charge point network, we work together with London boroughs to ensure they have an effective EV infrastructure in place that caters to all types of EV users including taxis, car sharing services, private vehicles, delivery companies, and corporate fleets. With every new Source London charge point – powered by 100% green energy – more Londoners can make the switch to EV and help tackle air pollution. You can check the charger closest to you is on map, or you can submit your request for one at your desired location here.

Source London has opened its latest charge point in Hammersmith & Fulham, which has one of the most robust EV charging infrastructures in London, to meet its growing customer demand. As part of the borough’s ongoing efforts to drive down harmful emissions, Hammersmith & Fulham Council are also taking several other climate-positive steps including planting more street trees and creating a ‘last mile’ delivery hub that uses electric vehicles or bikes.

Installing our 1000th charge point is not only a great achievement, but more importantly, it is the starting point to make the Electric Vehicle revolution a reality.

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