2040 target to be brought forward by 5 years

The announcement will be made by the Prime Minister and the Transport Secretary, as UK’s plans are outlined ahead of the UN talks. The 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) will be hosted by the UK in November 2020, bringing together world leaders to discuss the urgency of climate change.

During a launch event in London, the Prime Minister is expected to announce the decision to bring forward the deadline five years in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and be on the road to sustainable mobility ahead of COP26. The new deadline was set after scientists warned that the previous 2040 target would be too late.

The ban for diesel and petrol vehicle is said to include hybrids and plug-in hybrids as well, which might be challenging for all the manufacturers heavily investing in hybrid models. Whilst banning the sale of hybrid vehicles might encourage the public to switch from polluting cars to pure electric vehicles, some are concerned it might push people to keep hold of their petrol and diesel vehicles for longer.

A swift decarbonisation remains one of the world’s most urgent needs, as road transport is one of the major causes of air pollution and contributes to over a fifth of UK greenhouse gas emissions. As challenging as it is, the 2035 ban of polluting vehicles is a much-needed push for action, which is accompanied by further policies, tax-relief legislations and grants to benefit drivers who choose to switch to zero emission vehicles.

It is also the responsibility of the UK EV charging operators to put in place a reliable and dense infrastructure to make the change feasible. Source London is committed to make London a leading capital for electric vehicles. We have installed over 1300 charge points across the city and continue our efforts to allow Londoners to switch their mode of transport confidently.

If you're considering the switch to a cleaner vehicle,but you want to look into its affordability, have a look at our guide on how much you can save with an EV.

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