Source London has set up an online tool for residents to request EV charge points near them

We have created an online tool that enables Londoners to express exactly where they want new charge points installed. The initiative, called Powermystreet, was launched in July 2018 as part of the Evening Standard’s Future of London initiative.

This platform was set up to help the roll-out of a robust and reliable charging infrastructure, which in turn would support the adoption of electric vehicles. We want to help London become an EV capital and we’d like to see it progress towards sustainable mobility apace with the global transition to low carbon solutions. This can only be achieved if London’s decision makers and political stakeholders have an understanding of the areas of the demand for EV infrastructure.

It is also fundamental for us to give residents the chance to express where exactly they feel we should install more charge points. We feel it is important to engage locals in the development of the infrastructure in their area.

We set up Powermystreet with the hope that the tool can be shared and used to raise awareness of the air pollution crisis in London and the importance of switching to zero emission vehicles. We are developing a wide, reliable and ever-expanding EV charging network of +1300 EV to give Londoners the confidence needed to join the electric vehicle revolution. The thousands of nominations that Powermystreet has received are extremely helpful in growing and improving London’s infrastructure by optimizing the communication to stakeholder and local authorities and allowing them to better understand their residents’ demands.

Visit this page to know more about the air pollution crisis and about how electric vehicles can be part of the solution.

How it works

Powermystreet will open a map that shows all on-street charge points in London. Using the search tool bar, you can type the address or postcode of your desired location. Then click on the “+” icon to the left of the search bar and drop a pin over your preferred location on the map. You can then add any additional notes or preferences to go with your nomination. When confirmed, log in or register to submit your request. You are also able to share your nomination on social media for others to support, or you can support your fellow residents’ nominations directly on the map by clicking on a light blue pin and confirming your support on the tab on the left. Remember to tag Powermystreet when sharing your nominations using the handle @Powermystreet . We always try to retweet and repost them.

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