How does your Pay As You Go offer work?

The PAYG option enables you to use Source London charge points without subscribing to any membership and without using a membership card. You will simply need a valid debit/credit card and a mobile phone with internet access.

Please note that you will not be able to reserve charge points in advance when using the Pay As You Go offer as this is only available for Full/Flexi Memberships.

When arriving at a Source London charge point, simply tap the “not a member” box on the top-right corner of the touch screen and follow the instructions (please scan the QR code using your smartphone camera or download the QR code scanner app if the web page does not open automatically)

If you wish to receive a debit ticket detailing your usage details (charge duration and price) and a VAT invoice, you can also enter your email address.   

Pay As You Go session fees start from 7p/min on a 7.4kW charge point and 14.3p/min on a 22kW charger.

A minimum session fee of 20 minutes applies when using our 7kW charge points.
A minimum session fee of 10 minutes applies when using our 22kW charge points.

Follow this link to view our PAYG T&Cs.