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Source London network

Increased demand for electric vehicles across London necessitates the development of an accessible infrastructure for driving, parking, and charging EVs citywide. Source London is the first network of its kind, powered by a commitment that invests directly in the future of the London economy.

Pollution data

London generates 45,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 30,000 tons of nitrogen oxides every year. Although the EU has set targets for environmental protection, across Europe and the UK, cities are still falling short. As a local solution with huge vision, Source London is dedicated to changing that statistic.

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How does this kind of environmental pollution affect the lives of UK residents each year?

  • 29,000 UK deaths per year due to particulate pollution
  • 23,500 UK deaths per year due to nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • 40,000 overall UK deaths per year (some attributable to both causes)
  • 9,000 deaths per year due to air pollution in London alone
  • 24% of London primary schools are located in areas that breach the legal limit for nitrogen dioxide pollution
  • London’s annual particulate pollution average is 50% higher than the WHO’s limit for air that is safe to breathe


The EV revolution

Electric vehicles are an answer to the intense air pollution affecting Londoners’ lives. Swapping petrol and diesel cars for EVs will decrease particulate matter pollution in the UK. Electric vehicles produce zero nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced or controlled when EV charge points are powered by green energy.

Pollution and poor air quality also have a financial price, costing the UK Treasury between £8 billion and £20 billion each year according to the Defra Air Quality Strategy. In the capital alone, the annual cost of air pollution to London’s economy is as high as £3.7 billion.

Source London offers all Londoners the confidence to switch to ultra low emission electric vehicles by building a citywide infrastructure that supports EV ownership. Our network empowers EV-owning London residents to save money, contribute to improved air quality, and to meet and surpass national and local political and environmental targets.