Source London is a city-wide charge point network, and is key to delivering the mayor’s vision of increasing the uptake and usage of electric vehicles in London.

Why Source London?

Driving 100% electric cars allows us to travel in the city without creating air or noise pollution.

The electric engine produces no micro particles or exhaust fumes, and allows us to reduce carbon emissions.

By developing Source London we will make the city cleaner, more pleasant and breathable and encourage everyone to have a more ecological, practical and economical car.

What is it likely to cost me?

A new electric car with the same specification as a conventional car may cost more, but will be significantly cheaper to run.

The initial cost of the vehicles is expected to come down as the demand for them increases.

Electric two-wheelers cost pretty much the same as their conventional cousins.

Here’s what getting behind the wheel of your EV could mean for your bank balance.

You could save over £4,350 a year:

Electric vehicles don't have to pay London's Congestion Charge, this could save up to £2,990 for cars and vans that are driven into central London.

  1. 1. Lower running costs. For example, for 10,000 miles, you'd pay around £200 a year for your EV. If you join Source London, this could be even less because you get free electricity included in the membership fee until 31/12/14. For petrol or diesel, you'd expect to pay around £1,200. That's a saving of about £1,000*

  2. 2. Lower maintenance costs thanks to the lack of complex parts (no gearbox or engine) make EVs considerably cheaper to run in the longer term. Servicing costs of an EV are about £350 less than a petrol or diesel car.*

  3. 3. You're also less affected by fluctuating fuel prices.

  4. 4. No road tax
*Source: Go Ultra Low, AA