A plan for London

Bringing it all together

Source London is a city-wide charge point network key to delivering the Mayor’s vision of increasing the uptake and usage of electric vehicles in London, but achieving his goal for London to be the electric vehicle capital of Europe will take much more.  Transport for London is working in many areas alongside numerous public and private partners to make this vision a reality.

Planning infrastructure for the future

To ensure that new developments in London will be equipped for an electric future, the Mayor is using his planning powers to ensure that a portion of all car parking for new homes, offices and shops will be equipped with EV charge points.  The specific requirements vary by the type of development and are set out in the London Plan, which was published in July 2011.

Technology and standards development

The EV market is still young and much of the technology is currently in development.  TfL and the GLA family are involved in real-world tests of vehicles and new technologies, and you can read more about some of the ongoing trials we’re involved in.

TfL is also collaborating with the auto industry and technical standards bodies across Europe to agree international standards for charging and connectors.  We’re also working on projects to develop smart meters and grids to ensure that the UK’s electricity networks will be able to cope well with the additional demand in the future.

Charge points at work

If you have a charge point that is accessible to all members of the public, then it may be eligible to be part of the Source London network.  If you would like your charge point(s) to join the scheme, please email electricvehicles@tfl.gov.uk.  Even if you’re not interested, please let us know about your publicly accessible charge point via email and we may include it on the charge point map.

Working towards a national charging network

TfL is currently working with OLEV, other cities around the UK installing charge points, and industry to ensure that members of each local scheme will be able to use charge points across the country. 

TfL is also  exploring possible long term self-sustaining business models for Source London in conjunction with Government, our partners and key stakeholders to ensure a long term future for a sustainable, nationally interoperable charging network.