How much can I save by switching to an Electric Vehicle?

Thursday December 19

Are you thinking of getting a new car and you’re not sure whether you should stay with the petrol and diesel vehicles you know so well, or whether you should start a new EV adventure that so many rave about?

We want to try and make your decision easier. Most people realise the environmental advantages of choosing electric over ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars, but have they also come to terms with the economic benefits?

We put together a breakdown of how much you can expect to save over five years if you drive an electric car...

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Sustainable fleets for a cleaner future

Thursday December 12

The ongoing concerns over the dangers of air pollution and the pressure for companies to cut their carbon footprint has sparked businesses’ interest in introducing eco-friendly vehicles to their fleets. The switch from gas-guzzling company vehicles to zero-emission electric fleets is a forward-looking, strategic move which allows for long-term cost reduction and largely benefits the company’s green credentials.


Generally speaking, the upfront cost of electric vehicles is...

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We've opened new EV charging stations

Wednesday November 27

Source London has opened new 7kW and 22kW Electric Vehicle charging stations London.

Here are the locations:

Westminster - 22kW:

  • 33 Bryanston Square, W1H 2DX

Kensington and Chelsea – 7kW and 22kW:

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Park, Charge and Save

Thursday November 14

Did you know that parking in the London borough of Camden can cost you up to £6.93/hr.?

If you park and plug in your electric vehicle in any of our EV charging bays in Westminster, you can Park & Charge from only £3/hr.

Did you know that parking in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea can cost you up to....

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New EV charging stations available

Wednesday November 06

Source London has opened 9 new Electric Vehicle charging stations across Southwark, Lewisham and Westminster.

Here are the addresses:

  • 56 Webber Row, SE1 8QP Southwark
  • 119 Camberwell Grove, SE5 8JH Southwark
  • 28 Commercial Way SE15, SE15 6UL Southwark
  • Opposite 15 Townley Road (2), SE22 8SR Southwark

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