A guide on how to charge your vehicle efficiently

Tuesday November 03

Do you sometimes wonder why, after a long charge, your vehicle’s battery isn’t as full as you expected it to be?

For a lot of new electric vehicle owners finding clear guidance on how to approach public charging isn’t easy. You might pull up to a 22kW charger and connect your vehicle without realising that your specific vehicle may limit the maximum power which is received, and therefore...

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New EV charge points installed in 5 London boroughs

Tuesday July 28

We have recently installed over 50 new charge points across Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Camden, Richmond Upon Thames and Greenwich. We have also introduced new 22kW dual connector charge points, which allow 2 vehicles to charge at the same time...

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BEV adoptions continue to thrive during Q2

Tuesday July 14

We have compiled a brief summary of SMMT’s recent data regarding new car registrations from April 2020 up to June 2020, which has seen a consistent increase in EV adoption throughout the UK. As we find a “new normal” after the global pandemic and start travelling and commuting again, we urge Londoners to, when possible, consider...

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New charge points installed in Central London

Friday June 19

Source London has recently installed 19 new charge points across Camden, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster and Richmond Upon Thames.

You can find the new locations in the list below:


  • 53 Ryland Road, NW5 3EH Camden;

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UK dealerships open: electric vehicle bestsellers

Wednesday June 03

During a recent Downing Street press briefing, the UK’s Prime Minister announced that car dealerships are allowed to reopen from 1/06/2020 together with other non-essential businesses.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the most popular electric vehicles on the market, so that you can plan...

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