Source London safety measures during COVID-19 outbreak

Thursday March 26

It’s a challenging and unprecedented time all of us are experiencing. As the UK is in lockdown, we want to encourage all our customers to stay home unless absolutely necessary, even if you’re able to use your own vehicle.

We recognise that our network can play an important role for essential workers commuting to work, and for those who use their vehicles for their food shopping or other urgent needs. This is why Source London plans to remain operational and to maintain its high rate of reliability. We have implemented some necessary measures to make sure our work is done in the safest way possible, both for our own...

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New Source London charge points installed

Thursday March 12

Source London continues to support the electric vehicle revolution and constantly renews its effort to expand the network to make the switch to cleaner means of transport as easy and stress-free as possible.

The new EV charging stations listed below...

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New EV charge points installed in London

Monday February 10

Source London is the capital’s largest network of electric vehicle charging points. We have installed over 1300 chargers and our customers have long passed 1 million hours of charging on our network. Our goal is to continue to expand, in order to provide Londoners with a solid infrastructure and with the confidence to make the switch to a cleaner vehicle.

We have recently opened 23 new charge points across...

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Sales of petrol and diesel cars banned from 2035

Tuesday February 04

The announcement will be made by the Prime Minister and the Transport Secretary, as UK’s plans are outlined ahead of the UN talks. The 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) will be hosted by the UK in November 2020, bringing together world leaders to discuss the urgency of climate change.

During a launch event in London, the Prime Minister is expected to announce the decision to bring forward the deadline five years in an effort to ...

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Audi launches EV charging service

Tuesday January 28

Audi has announced their new charging service, which allow drivers of their electric vehicles to access different charging networks across the UK and Europe all with one card/app.

The RFID card or myAudi app unlocks charge points from 18 different providers in the UK, including Source London, and many across Europe, allowing e-tron owners to ...

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