Source London is delighted to announce the opening of 20 new Electric Vehicle charging stations across the London boroughs of Westminster, Islington, Wandsworth, Greenwich, Merton, and Southwark. We now haveover 1100 available charge points!

Below you can find the addresses of each new station.

Westminster- all 22kW rapid charge points:

  • 14 Lancaster Gate, W2 3LH
  • Sussex Place with Clifton Place junction, W2 2SQ
  • Opposite 16 Shrewsbury Road, W2 5PR
  • 267 Portnall Road, W9 3BL
  • 33 Golden Square, W1F 9JT
  • 11 Biddulph Road, W9 1LW
  • 52 Portland Place, W1B 1NH
  • Abercorn Place, side 56 Maida Vale, NW8 9XX


Islington - all 7kW slow charge points:

  • 37 Huddleston Road, N7 0AP 
  • 15 Bingfield Street London England N1 0BH
  • 331 Highbury Quadrant, N5 2TB
  • Collins Road, N5 2LE
  • 35 North Road N7, N7 9EF


Wandsworth- all 7kW slow charge points:

  • Sabine Road between Latchmere and Eversleigh, SW11 5LX
  • Opposite 67 Wroughton Road, SW11
  • 29 Canford Road, SW11 6PA
  • Opposite 70 Caistor Road, SW12 8PZ


Greenwich- all 7kW slow charge points:

  • 26 Horseferry Place, SE10 9HG


Merton- all 7kW slow charge points:

  • 156 Somerset Road SW19, SW19 5HP


Southwark- all 7kW slow charge points:

  • 1 Pickwick Road (2), SE21 7JN


You can also see all our new Electric Vehicle charge points on our live station map.


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