Greater London Authority Group

The GLA group includes Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police Service, the London Fire Brigade, and the Greater London Authority.

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In June 2010, TfL welcomed the first electric vehicles into the TfL fleet with the delivery of four Mitsubishi i-MiEVs. These are being used on the red route network to ensure compliance with the London roadworks permit scheme.  TfL have also taken delivery of a further five plug-in Prius cars and four Smith electric vans this year.  The vans will be used in the incident response fleet for bus operations and the electric cars to support traffic light and camera maintenance work.  The Metropolitan Police are also testing five plug-in Prius cars as part of its fleet.

TfL is leading a London consortium of public and private partners involved in the Government’s Plugged-In Places (PiP) initiative.  The consortium was awarded £9.3m to support the roll-out of charging infrastructure in London.  PiP provides match funding from the Department for Transport (up to 50%) for the installation of publicly-accessible electric vehicle charge points for partners in the consortium.

TfL has also installed new charge points in four London Underground car parks.  These are located at High Barnet, Hounslow West, North Greenwich and Watford and are available as part of the Source London network.

TfL is also involved in the Technology Strategy Board trials along with many other companies and organisations. 

In the future charge points will be a major part of our transport infrastructure and there is an opportunity for businesses and public sector organisations to gain funding and support to be at the forefront of a developing technology. Find out about the benefits of hosting chargepoints.

Through the CAPIRE consortium, which was recently awarded funding from the EU, TfL will also be involved with EU-wide research and development on electric vehicles. 

London Electric Vehicle Partnership (LEVP)

TfL provides secretariat services for the London Electric Vehicle Partnership (LEVP), which brings together key stakeholders and decision makers from within the vehicle manufacturing industry, London boroughs, the GLA Group, energy and infrastructure suppliers, and EV users.  The partnership, which is chaired by the Mayor’s Environment advisor, will play a role in accelerating the delivery of new EV technology and increasing the level of support for drivers of electric vehicles in the capital.

A plan for London

Source London is the network that will bring together London's new and existing public charge points into one network. It is a more convenient and highly accessible way of charging your vehicle whilst you’re going about your business be it work or play.