Will I continue to be billed once my car has finished charging?

Please note that your charging session begins when you connect your vehicle to a Source London charge point and ends once you disconnect your vehicle from the charge point. You will continue to incur session fees if you remain connected to a Source London charge point even if your vehicle has finished charging, in order to encourage customers to disconnect their vehicles once they have sufficiently charged.

Are there any other fees?

Additional fees include:

Lost card replacement fee

If your card is lost or misplaced, you should immediately contact our customer service team on 0203 056 8989. Please note that a £10.00 fee will be applied to replace the lost card.

In the unfortunate event that your membership card is stolen, please contact our customer service team on 0203 056 8989. Your card will be immediately blocked to prevent any fraudulent usage.

Do I have to pay for parking whilst I charge my vehicle?

All Source London on-street charge points include parking, so you don’t have to worry about paying for additional parking fees when using on-street Source London charge points. For the few off-street locations available, parking fees may apply.

Please always make sure to check the signage by the charge points as different parking regulations may apply at different locations. Please note that Source London will not be responsible if you do not respect local parking regulations and fees.


What are the subscription rates?

Our best value plan for customers who charge their vehicle at least twice a month is our Full Membership, which incurs a £4 monthly membership fee (yearly membership) and enables you to charge your vehicle from just 3.6p/min on a 7.4kW charger and from  9.5p/min on a 22kW charger.

Alternatively, if you only need to use our charge points on an occasional basis, opt for the Flexi Membership which incurs a £10 one-off application fee. Session fees start at 5.9p/min on a 7.4kW charger and 11.9p/min on a 22kW charger.