How many vehicles can I register with my membership? Can I have a joint account with my partner so we can share an account, or can I order a 2nd membership card for my EV so my wife / husband can have their own card?

If you have more than one vehicle, you will need to set up an individual membership per vehicle as you can only register one electric vehicle per membership.

Memberships are only allowed in one person's name and associated with one email address, so we are unable to issue a second membership card for a same account.

I lost my membership card, what can I do? My card is faulty/ I found a Source London card. Where can I return it ?

If you have lost your membership card, you can call our customer service team on 0203 056 8989 to request a new card. Please note that fees will apply when issuing a new card.

If you card is faulty or you have found a Source London card, please send it to :

  • Bluepointlondon Limited
    Customer Service Department
    5 Cavendish Square
    W1G 0PG
    United Kingdom