Charging your vehicle

How do I use the charge points?

Starting a charge with your membership card (for existing customers only):

To start a charge, simply tap your membership card on any available charge point (charge point will have a green light if it is available, if you have reserved a charge point the light will be blue) and follow the instructions displayed on the screen before connecting your vehicle. 

Please ensure that your cable is fully inserted into the charge point if you are using your own cable. Your charging session should then begin and the charge point light should turn blue.

What do the charge point LED light colours mean?

Green – available

Blue – reserved (if no vehicle is connected) or charging (if a vehicle is connected)

Red – unavailable

If the charge point is green, this charge point is available and ready to use.

Blue light with no vehicle connected means that the charge point has been reserved. If you have a reservation at this station, you may use any of the charge points displaying a blue light, however, if you did not make a reservation, you will not be able use these charge points.

What are the different types of charging points and how fast do they charge?

The majority of Source London charge points are double-headed 3kW (Type 1) and 7.4kW (Type 2) charge points.

These double-headed charge points can be used by one vehicle at a time.

Source London also provides 22kW (Type 2) fast charge points. We recommend checking that your vehicle is fully compatible with these charge points before using them as not all vehicles are able to support 22kW charging.

We are also installing an updated version of the 22kW charge points which has a dual connection, allowing two vehicles to charge at the same time.