About Source London

What is the geographical area covered by the Source London network?

Source London covers the inside of the M25, with some exceptions such as a few charge points in Slough. We intend to increase the number of charge points around London, but we will keep the cover within the M25. Other charging networks exist in London and outside our coverage. All of the Source London charge points are marked with the Source London logo.

Where are the charge points ? How do I know that a charge point is part of the Source London network ?

The easiest way to find information about the locations and compatibility of the charge points is on our station map or on our mobile app. The vast majority of our charge points are located on-street in order to simplify customer access.

All of our charge points are marked with the Source London logo.

What are the rates?

Our best value plan for customers who charge their vehicle regularly at our charge points is our Full Membership which incurs a £4 monthly membership fee (yearly subscription) and 3.6p/min when using our new smart charge points with a minimum session fee of 20 minutes and an overnight cap of £8.64 from 8pm to 7am.