About Source London

Private and public partners

Since we’ve purchased the network from TFL in 2014, we’ve established a number of partnerships using the experience that we’ve accumulated over the past few years.

We have a standing collaboration with taxi and private hire drivers (LEVC and LPHCA), which enables us to offer their members preferential fees.

Where are the charge points located?

Source London covers the Greater London area within the M25.

Our service has expanded to 24 London boroughs, making it London’s leading EV charging network.

The vast majority of our charge points are located on-street in order to simplify customer access. The easiest way to find available charge points is by checking our station map on our website or mobile app. Please note that only charge points displayed on our station map are part of the Source London network.

What is Source London?

Source London is London’s leading citywide network which allows you to charge your electric vehicle using any of our 1500+ charge points with guaranteed EV-dedicated bays accessible 24/7 and with no additional parking fees for on-street charge points, even in Central London.  Our network also maintains a consistent reliability rate of above 98%.

Our COVID-19 update

The Source London network remains fully operational with over 1500 charge points available 24/7.

In order to safeguard the safety of both our team and our customers, we’re following social distancing rules and we’ve put in place rigorous measures for the sanitisation of our charge points.