About Source London

Our COVID-19 update

Please be assured that the Source London network remains available and our charge points fully operational at this time.

In order to safeguard the safety of both our team and our customers, we’re following social distancing rules and we’ve put in place rigorous measures for the sanitisation of our charge points.

How does your Pay As You Go offer work?

For customers who do not have a Source London membership card, the PAYG option enables you to use Source London charge points without subscribing to a membership. You will simply need a valid debit/credit card and a mobile phone (with an internet connection + working browser) when arriving at the charge point and click on the “Not a member? Tap here” button on the touchscreen.

How does the Source London service work?

Source London is London’s only citywide network which allows you to charge your electric vehicle using any of Source London’s 1000+ charge points with guaranteed EV-dedicated bays accessible 24/7 and with no additional parking fees for on-street charge points even in Central London (with the exception of charge points located in Bromley).

To access the service, you simply need to register online to receive a membership card that will allow you to use the charge points across London and park at any of the spaces in our network.

Do I have to pay for parking whilst I charge my vehicle?

All Source London on-street charge points include parking (with the exception of charge points located in Bromley), so you don’t have to worry about paying for additional parking fees when using on-street Source London charge points. For the few off-street locations available, parking fees may apply. Please always make sure to check the signage by the charge points to know whether any parking charges and/or regulations apply.

What is the geographical area covered by the Source London network?

Source London covers the inside of the M25, with some exceptions such as a few charge points in Slough. We intend to increase the number of charge points around London, but we will keep the cover within the M25. Other charging networks exist in London and outside our coverage. All of the Source London charge points are marked with the Source London logo.

Where are the charge points ?

Source London covers the inside of the M25, and has expanded to 24 London boroughs, making it London’s only citywide network.

The vast majority of our charge points are located on-street in order to simplify customer access. The easiest way to find information about the locations and compatibility of the charge points is on our station map or on our mobile app.

What are the rates?

Our best value plan for customers who regularly charge their vehicle is our Full Membership, which incurs a £4 monthly membership fee and enables you to charge your vehicle from just 3.6p/min.

Alternatively, if you only need to use our charge points on an occasional basis, opt for the Flexi Membership which incurs a £10 application fee. Session fees start at 5.9p/min.

All memberships benefit from an overnight cap (charges are capped at 4 hours) between 8pm and 7am when using our 7kW charge points.