Electric vehicles for your business

It's not just about corporate social responsibility...

Commercial EVs

They may use advanced technology but they drive, handle and feel just like the petrol or diesel vehicles you or your drivers are used to. Some operators are finding that their drivers prefer driving the electric to diesel or petrol vehicles.

In essence, there’s an electric motor instead of a petrol or diesel engine. The electric motor gets its power from a battery which you keep charged. 

For EVs to really work in our city, they must be a realistic option for our businesses too. And they are. A number of British manufacturers have models on the market.  Some of the country’s biggest businesses are already going electric, and they’re sharing information about their experience through the Mayor’s Electric 20 to help increase the uptake of commercial EVs in London.

There are also incentives for business – all EVs will be exempt from company car tax for 5 years and electric vans will be exempt from van benefit charge for 5 years. There are also grants available from the government which contribute towards the purchase price of the vehicle. That’s not to mention the savings from lower fuel and maintenance costs. There are also other tax benefits for purchasing EVs - check out HM Revenue and Customs website for further information.

If you want to find out more about these electric vehicle, check out our section about electric vehicles.

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