Charge points

Power up – when & how to charge your EV

Source charge points

The ultimate aim is for every Londoner to be within a mile of an EV charge point.

What is a charge point?

A charge point is where you plug in your vehicle to charge your battery.  They can be located at home, on the street, or in your workplace.  Source London will have a network of standard charging points on the street where you can park and plug in your vehicle.  A standard charge point has a 13amp supply just like the electricity supply you have at home.  For more information on charging your vehicle safely at home check out our home charging advice.

Fast and rapid charge points allow you to charge your vehicle faster than a standard charge point. Not all vehicles can use all types of charge points, so check with the manufacturer before you buy.

Connectors and cables

At the moment there are a variety of connectors and cables for EVs. Source London points are generally 3-pin plug sockets like the ones you have at home.  For fast and rapid charge points, different connectors are required and UK cities are working together with the Institute of Engineering and Technology to recommend communal standards which should be applied.  Some scooters and motorbikes have detachable batteries which can be charged away from the vehicle.

Check with the manufacturer for the type of cable needed for your EV as cables and sockets are not always interchangeable. 

How long does it take to charge?

It depends on your vehicle and the type of charge point you use, but it’s typically about six to eight hours for a full charge at a standard charge point.  People participating in recent vehicle trials found that they only needed to charge their vehicle every 2-3 days, even if they used it daily. 

You don’t have to fully charge each time you plug in.  You can top the battery up a little when you get the chance - it won’t harm the battery.

If the car can use a fast (32amp) charge point, it can take three to four hours for a full charge, and you can top up in under an hour.  Rapid chargers will be the quickest way to charge a vehicle, taking only around 20-30 minutes to fill up to 80% battery capacity.

The following table shows some examples of the length of time for a full charge according to the type of vehicle and charge point.  It is important that you check with your EV manufacturer what charge type is suitable for your EV. Some EVs on the road today are unable to take a fast or rapid charge.

Time taken for a full charge
 Type of vehicle Standard Fast Rapid
Scooters 4 - 6 hours n/a n/a
Quadricycles (e.g. G-Wiz) 6 - 8 hours generally not available n/a
Cars 5 - 8 hours 3 - 4 hours under 30 minutes
Small vans 6 - 8 hours 3 - 4 hours under 30 minutes
Large vans and trucks 8 hours minimum 4 - 8 hours over one hour

Charge point map

Here’s the place to find your charging points. As soon as Source London points appear in London – they’ll appear on this map too.