Strong growth for BEVs despite a challenging market

We have compiled a brief summary of SMMT’s recent data regarding new car registrations from April 2020 up to June 2020, which has seen a consistent increase in EV adoption throughout the UK. As we find a “new normal” after the global pandemic and start travelling and commuting again, we urge Londoners to, when possible, consider adopting environmentally friendly means of transport.

April 2020:

Due to the global crisis brought upon by COVID-19, April saw car registrations fall impetuously by 97.3% in April. During that month, BEVs faced the smallest percentage of decrease, with a fall of 9.7%. Nevertheless, in the same month, BEVs market share stood at 31.8%, a sharp increase compared to the 0.9% market share BEVs held in April 2019.
Year to date figures for the same month showed a positive 161.1% increase in BEV registrations and a market share of 0.9%.
Among the top 10 bestselling cars for the month, the Tesla Model 3 occupied 1st position.

May 2020:

As lockdown continued, SMMT figures for May 2020 showed that new car registrations decreased by 89%. Totalling 20,247 registrations for the month, May 2020 was the lowest May since 1952.
However, BEV registrations saw their first positive trend of the trimester, with an increase of 21.5% and a market share of 12% - compared to 1.1% market share in May 2019.
Year to date figures confirmed another positive trend for BEVs, with an increase in registrations of 131.8% and a year to date market share of 4.3% - compared to 0.9% in 2019.
Tesla Model 3 remained in top position among the bestseller models for the month.

June 2020:

As lockdown started being eased and showrooms carefully reopened, the fall in total vehicle registrations decreased to -34.9%.
In June, BEV registrations had a whopping increase of 261.8%, with a market share of 6.1% compared to 1.1% in June 2019, even if the Tesla Model 3 fell lower in the top 10 best-selling models of the month.
Year to date figures show BEV registrations increased by 158.6% with a market share of 4.7% - compared to 0.9% in 2019.

During lockdown, most of us have experienced what London could be with cleaner air. While it will take a tremendous amount of work to bring the automotive industry back to health after COVID-19, we are hoping that both businesses and individuals will keep carbon emissions and air pollution in mind when choosing their next vehicle, and, when possible, opt for an environmentally-friendly means of transport.

Electric vehicles offer a wide range of benefits, from the driving experience itself, to environmental and financial advantages. We have compiled an article relating how much you can save by switching to an electric vehicle on our blog, which you can find here.

You can find all SMMT figures referenced in this article here.

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