One-card EV charging infrastructure access offered by Audi to give access to thousands of charging points in Europe

Audi has announced their new charging service, which allow drivers of their electric vehicles to access different charging networks across the UK and Europe all with one card/app.

The RFID card or myAudi app unlocks charge points from 18 different providers in the UK, including Source London, and many across Europe, allowing e-tron owners to travel confidently in their EVs.

Rates are fixed and depend on which of the two available tariffs is selected. The City tariff is a flexible plan dedicated to short-distance drivers and plug-in hybrids owners, while the Transit tariff is aimed at the new e-tron owners who drive longer distances or need discounted high-power charging.

All the charging stations included in this service will be integrated in the vehicles’ navigation system and myAudi app or via their online interactive map.

Source London is proud to be part of this initiative, which makes travelling with an electric vehicle convenient and stress-free.

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