Source London is proud to have partnered up with Allstar Business Solutions in the launch of their new Allstar One Electric card, which represents an all-in-one payment solution for all fuel types.

The Allstar One Electric card integrates the traditional benefits from the Allstar One card with the ability to pay for EV charging across a multi-brand network of charge points, which includes all Source London chargers.

Source London believes that convenience and accessibility are two of the key factors needed to encourage London’s transition to Electric Vehicles and therefore fight air pollution, and Allstar One Electric card represents a forward-looking payment solution which will help immensely making Electric Vehicles accessible and convenient to most.

“Source London is committed to improving the Capital’s air quality. Clearly, convenience and charge point availability are key for residents and businesses when it comes to making the shift to EVs. Allstar’s payment solution is the future for an accessible network, and we are proud as London’s leading charging network to help drive it.”  Christophe Arnaud, Managing Director at Source London

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