About Source London

What is Source London?

Source London is London’s only citywide network of on-street charge points powered by 100% green energy. We’ve made a commitment to developing the infrastructure to support London’s EV revolution, encouraging car owners to make the switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles.


Over 1,500 of our 7kW and 22kW charge points are already available throughout London, monitored 24/7 for a robust and reliable system.


Source London is also the only service that lets you reserve a charge point up to 40 minutes in advance. And our convenient on-street locations mean that when you reserve a charge point you’re also reserving a parking bay. Gone are the days of losing time and wasting battery when hunting for a free parking bay.


Through direct partnerships with over 23 London boroughs, we have secured prime locations for Source London charge points where you need them most. Our collaborative approach with both boroughs and corporate partners guarantees free on-street parking when using our charge points — even in Central London.