Source London is a London-wide electric vehicle charge point network. The network was started by TfL and plays an important role in encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles and contributing to the Mayor of London’s vision to improve the city’s air quality. The network was taken over by the Bolloré Group in 2014. The group was awarded the management of this network thanks to its extensive experience in rolling out the world’s largest charge point networks across the globe.

At this point, there are 850+ charge points across London. 4,500 more will be installed between now and 2018.

The charge points are accessible to any member of the Source London scheme. By becoming a member of Source London, EV drivers can use charge points situated across the capital using a single membership card.

Essentially, you will never have to go to the petrol pump again, since you’ll be ‘filling up’ whenever you park in one of the Source London spaces.